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♪The 2023 Christmas Recital was a blast!♪

Our 2023 Christmas recital is in the books! We had some wonderful performances this year.

Our recital was held at the newly constructed Noah Studio Nakano Location, just south of Nakano Station. A very cool room!

This recital's program. As always we had a very nice range of genres such as Disney music, blues, jazz, and R&B.

It's always a treat to see how much students have improved over the years. It's not only inspiring for other students, but inspiring for myself as well.

A student who came to watch the recital even brought chocolates for everyone. How nice!

Thank you to all of our performers for this year's Christmas recital. They all played wonderfully, and I look forward to see how you continue to grow going into the new year.

Look forward to our 2024 Summer recital! See you then!



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